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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Home-going of Kay Marsceau, my Mother-in-Law:

"Well Done, Good And Faithful Servant."

I am confident that Kathleen (Kay) Marsceau heard those words from her Master this afternoon.
We had been expecting her death at any time, for some time now. I am glad to report that time is one of the earthly things that is now irrelevant to her glorious state.
I look forward to joining a line of snot-nosed kids--many like me grown old--who will look into her face and thank her for using the
Wordless Book, for teaching the songs, telling the stories, letting us get a present from the Birthday Box, and, more than anything else, loving us to Jesus. Forty-seven years ago she was instrumental in leading me to put my faith in Jesus Christ.

I figure that when folk get to heaven, like all of their other infirmities their wrong way of seeing things instantly fall away. We were made to fellowship with our creator. This sin-cursed state in which we live is the unnatural realm. Heaven's air is the atmosphere we were meant to breath. Still from my perspective here below it seems that there will be some things my Mother-in-Law will have to get used to. Streets of gold and the other luxuries that surround the throne of God will be odd to a lady who was so thrifty she could have taught classes on the subject to the Scots. She always struggled, wondering what she had really done for Jesus. I can imagine that she will be neighbors with the widow who gave her two mites--marvelous examples of those who give all for the Lord. Her accepting the truth that her life was profound value is a truth that I'm glad she now knows.

She joins her husband, Rev. Eugene Marsceau, with whom she served in small church pastorates for decades. She will be reunited with her son, Gene', who died when he was just stepping into manhood. Her dad, who died leaving a wife and three daughters to live through the depression and the war, will embrace her, knowing the path on which he set his family was the narrow way that led to glory. Her mom, who raised those three girls and then joined one of them in missionary service will be there. Her Old-maid Aunts whom she loved as a daughter will greet her. And there will be HIM. "Enter into the joy of thy Lord."

Kathy was on her way to Charlotte to help her sister, who has been mom's primary caregiver these past months, when she received word of her mom's death. While we were ready for her to leave her emaciated body, she will be missed.

In keeping with the way my Mother-in-Law lived, and her wishes, the services celebrating her life, and home-going will be simple.
I do not have the details yet, but I know that her body will transported to Michigan where there will be a graveside service for the family and a public memorial service.

I will post this note on my blog. As further information is available I will post that there as well.
At this point we will appreciate your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

These last 2 blogs were very touching. I knew by reading between the lines years ago, that you had been through lots of heartache with your son. Sometimes we just have to pray & pray some more as things unfold.
What a blessing to have such a good mother-in-law. No matter how old they are, it is still difficult to lose them. May you all be abundantly blessed as you keep ministering.
With the newer technology, you may soon be able to send your sermons thru your blog.
Thanks for being suh a good representative of the alumni from ABC!
Mrs "T" - I put Anonymous because I can't seem to get on these blogs with a name!