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Monday, December 1, 2014

Additional Materials on today's chapel message, God's Story in His Own Words:

This morning it will be my privilege to share a message I put together for Easter 2014.  It is a message that consists entirely of Scripture.  The Easter message can be viewed here.

Since I'm presenting this message at a Bible College chapel, I'm hoping that some of the "preacher-boys" will be interested in doing something similar.  With that in mind I'm posting links to some resources related to the message in this bog post.

In the handout that I distributed when I shared the message at Easter you can find a list of the scripture used:

Shortly after Easter I put some of my reflections about the message in a blog post.  These include some thoughts that might help someone else who is interested in undertaking such a project:

If you read that article you will find that part of the encouragement for doing this message came from viewing a similar message.  You can find it here:  (, click on "watch the sermon.").

The message I will be preaching this morning is a slightly shortened version of the Easter message.  ABC posts most of their chapel messages.  Watch on this page.  It may show up there.