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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I recently returned from a trip to visit some missionaries and works in which the Covington Bible Church is involved.

I was privileged to visit with Fred and Cindy Stromberg and their lovely kids. Cindy's time is pretty well occupied taking care of Isaiah and Anna.
Fred is seeking to establish churches in the small communities that surround Neuva Ocatapeque in Honduras.

These good looking kids are students at one of the schools where Fred is currently holding character classes. Fred's plan is to use these classes and other points of contact to gain a foothold in these communities.

This week, a family from our church is going down to help Fred and Cindy work on their house.

From Honduras I went to Ecuador, where Doug and Dorcas Williams work. It was a strange experience, because while I was up in the mountains of Norhtern Ecuador at Rio Verde worshipping with the Williams partners and the some of the Awa Believers, Doug was in Covington preaching at CBC.

It was great to hear Milton (pronounced "meal-tone" more or less) Milton was teaching the children's lesson, but was clearly challenging the adults as well concerning the story about Lazarus, the rich-man, and eternal destiny.

Doug is translating the Old-Testament into Awapit. He, Dorcas, Becky and Sarah will return to Ecuador this summer.

Actually, the official reason that I had for taking this trip was to be one of the speakers at the Bible/Pastors' Conference held at the Liebenzell Ecuador headquarters. The Eglesia Puente de Amor (Bridge of Love Church) in Ibarra, Ecuador, shares facilities with this LME. Bill Shuit, the Global Outreach Director for LMUSA, and George Hege, former GM Dir. and former Ecuadorian missionary were the other guest speakers. Edgar Luz, the field the director from LM Germany, did a great job organizing the conference, speaking at each morning's opening session, and translating for we gringos.

It was great to relate, with these fellow-shepherds from another part of the world, from the word of God, and about issues that are common no matter what language the sheep speak.

Below you can see me with the guys from Word of Life Ecuador, who had an offical presence there at the conference. My arm is around Carlos, a young man with an amazing voice. Pastor Wilman paid me a great compliment. He had heard me speak ten years or so ago, and came back to hear me again. Through the language barrier, he and I shared some concerns with one another.

Some of the pastors at the conference are very solid in their doctrinal stance. Others could use some help in that regard. I thank God that we were able to encourage them in that regard

While Liebenzell is a relatively small, little-known mission, at least in the US. We are doing a significant work in Ecuador.

I thank the Lord for being involved

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