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Sunday, June 7, 2009

DOING something good:

A friend of mine, Greg Alderman, didn't quite revolutionize our church with a message last summer, but he did plant a thought that we haven't been able to get out of our hearts. Partly the reason for that is because Mike L. and some other folk at our church keep reminding us about the concept.
Very simply the idea is that as a church we ought to actually do something good. It has been great to see activity in this direction.
This evening we had an emphasis on doing some things that are good in a practical way.
  • One Sunday School class set up a simple fun/outreach time targeted on a group of kids who very much need some love.
  • Another group got a head-start, by reaching out to a group of youngsters in an apartment complex. Some folk baked cookies, others went and played games and/or led in a craft time. The report is a good time was had by all. I'm impressed that a group of kids, who might not otherwise do so had a good, good time--it was worthwhile and it was fun.
  • Another Sunday School class met at a classmate's "new" house. Really the new house is fairly old--surrounded by overgrown bushes, and in need of various kinds of TLC. A neighbor stopped and thanked one of our folk for helping to improve the property. More of God's people ought to be caught doing good.
  • The class I am a part of didn't do a project this evening--though several of us helped with some of the others. We are going to get together later this week to work on the landscaping at our church. We'll pray for our neighbors as we do our project. We want our grounds to be a testimony to our community.

Thanks Greg and Mike for encouraging us in the right direction, and thanks to all of you CBC folk who were caught doing good.

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