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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Playing it safe:

I would encourage my younger readers--as in teens and young, single adults to read the May 5 post on Dr. Al Mohler's blog.

I have some identification with the movement described in this article. Some young folk are not only refraining from having sex until marriage--may their tribe increase--but are saving their first kiss for their wedding day. Before you snicker and quit reading, let me briefly share my experience.

Kathy and I kissed before our wedding day, but I determined, and I'm glad I did, that I ought to kiss her until I was sure that I loved her, and she me. And, yes, thanks to some god teaching, I did have a pretty good idea what that four-letter word meant.

I would encourage you younger folk to consider this idea:

God gave us the marvelous capaxity to express love in a physical way--all the way from holding hands to sexual-intercourse. We should only use this wonderful ability to express love that is there, not merely to bring about an enjoyable physical reaction.

I may say more on this in a day or two. In the mean time I welcome your comment.

Since I'm talking about young adults, let me tell you some encouraging things I'm seeing related to the younger set.

I'm in Ecuador right now, at a pastor's conference. There is a young man, Carlos, from Word of Life Ecuador who has one of the most beautiful voices I have heard in a long time. He says he would like to do a CD. If I hear that he has, I'll let you know.
There is a group of young people here from Germany, an impact team from Liebenzell Mission in Germany. The sweet way they are doing even mundane tasks is very encouraging.
Actually, the churches represented here are quite young. Several have only been in existence for less than 10 years, and the congregations of these churches are made up of a larger proportion of young adults than I'm used to seeing here in the US. Again it is encouraging.

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