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Monday, February 11, 2013

Church attendance (non-attendance) and Sunday Sports:

I can have a really good conversation with myself on this subject.  All I need to do is record what I say about it one time and then respond to it on another day.  I have made statements similar to this one, just not as well stated:  "And, frankly, it’s a not a bad thing for the Church to stand on its own, apart from cultural props. I don’t want the Church to be dependent on the world to say Church is important."  (Keith Anderson) I have often paraphrased a colleague of mine, Chris Cobb, who pastored in Covington years ago, "When Christianity is no longer tax-deductible, we'll know who the true followers of Christ are."  On the other hand I was a recent visitor in a church where the pastor inserted a strongly worded segment on travel-sports-teams into his sermon.  I found myself saying "Amen!" at least under my breath.

Both from the viewpoint of how we see church and culture, and concerning public-relations, this is a worthwhile article to read and discuss.
I'd rather not have the conversation with myself.  :)

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