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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Planning to be Kind. Be purposeful.

A young, very young, friend of mine is looking forward to a project on her 35th birthday.  Here is a cut-&-paste from her FB page.  If you are a FBer you can go there.  No doubt the list will grow.  Lot's of great ideas for showing kindness.  At least one I plan to plug into my life.

So, I am turning 35 in June. How did that happen?? Anyway, on my birthday I am going to try to do 35 random acts of kindness. I have started a list of things to do, like take cookies to fire/ems/police, fill the washers with coins at a laundromat, take a meal to someone in need, pay for someones food in the drivethru, etc. I have got to come up with 35 things that can all be accomplished in one day. I am going to attach a card with some type of scripture on it, to hand out or leave where ever I do my acts. So, I am taking ideas and suggestions! What are some great random acts of kindness I can do on my birthday? Remember, I've got to get 35 done in one day! (How did I get so old, so fast?) :)
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