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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Power of the Spoken Word:

There is much to commend this piece by Dodge Trucks and the late Paul Harvey. I focus on just one--the spoken word.
To one who has spent his life seeking to impact others with the spoken word, this piece is a reminder that the word well spoken has great power. In a world that expects the average sermon or speech to be a media event--and yes, I used PowerPoint yesterday--it is good to be reminded that there is power in words--just words, real words, spoken in a real voice.
Preachers, let's be encouraged to spend more time crafting our words than we do searching the web for the killer video. As another master word-smith said, "Preach the Word." I know preaching does not preclude the visual. Indeed this commentary in this commercial is enhanced by the photos. I fear, though, that we lean so hard on what goes with the spoken word that we neglect its power.
Here is how powerful words are: I kid you not. If I had money in my pocket, and were looking to by a truck, today, the Dodge dealership would be my first stop.

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