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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I begin with the words to an old song, "I made it through the rain."
Sunday we began TEENWEEK. We were supposed to have a combination of kayak/canoe-ing and outdoor activities. I can't remember ever looking a weather report where the chance of precipitation was "100%," but when I looked at the forecast on Sunday morning that was the case. For mid-day the forecasters regarded rain as a certainty.
Thanks to the good work of the folk over at Faith Baptist, we were able to move the operation inside.
Last night we had nearly 140 teens over at Jackson River Sport Complex. I'll post some photos as soon as I'm able, but for now picture this: The picnic shelter at JRSC full of kids and leaders listening to a message about Real Love--God's love.
Tonight we are at Faith Baptist for mud and water-balloon games.
Wednesday at Clifton Middle School.
Thursday at JRSC--One Day Closer will make a return appearance.

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