Me with my lovely wife, Kathy:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Progress is really cool!

Here is Kathy where she spent almost a week at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lebanon PA. (Point of trivia: I understand that "Lebanon Bologna" refers to Lebanon PA, not the Near-Eastern country.) The staff at GSH were competent and very pleasant. I was able to spend the nights at Tanisha and Chad's house, about 15 minutes away. I think this was on Kathy's last day. She is surrounded by some of her favorite people--clockwise from upper right, Christopher, Madeline, Kendal and Carrington. We had just stopped in for a visit with Chad & Tanisha when we decided that Kathy needed to go to the ER. (Read previous posts for more info.)

I'm glad to say she is home now, improving.

We at CBC have been involved in a fairly major remodeling project. Our Worship-Center had not really had an upgrade since it was built, nearly 30 years ago. While I was away the CBC family made remarkable progress on this project. That might be significant.

The major part of the project involved removing the sheetrock ceiling and replacing it with a pine, tongue and groove ceiling. It is done, & it is lovely. Paiting is well underway, and carpet is going down this week.

Thanks to all who worked, and are working, so hard on this project.

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