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Thursday, July 30, 2009

More words for Vick & I'm still waiting on my White House invite:

It's late, so just a quick word or two on doing good.
Ephesians counsels theives--I'm not accusing you of stealing; stay with me for a minute--to go get a job. Their goal should be to not only meet their own and their family's needs, but to have a surplus so they can help others.
I say, "Amen!" to Paul.
I'm going to give you credit, Michael. If and when you get that chance on the gridiron I figure you will be show some generosity. Any of us who are blessed to have regular incomes ought to do so.
When you do give to someone less fortunate than yourself, make sure it looks like you are helping them, not helping yourself look better. Jesus said a good bit about that in the first part of Matthew 6. One graphic line he used is about not letting one hand know that the other hand is giving someone a gift. I think that pretty much leaves out a publicity agent. Come to think of it, we preacher-types have to be careful about that one too. We sometimes "let slip" from the pulpit news about how we helped someone.
Maybe we can work on that one together. I figure there are some other folk who struggle with that one as well.

Speaking of struggling. I'm still not sure: When the President invites me over to sit down at the picnic table with a "cold-one," I'm still struggling for the right answer. I certainly don't want to be the cause of a needless decline in his his poll numbers, or mine.

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