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Friday, February 8, 2008

I just finished reading Ministering Cross-Culturally, by Lingenfelter and Mayers.
When I started the book I expected to come to a better understanding of my collegues who work in cultures other than their own, and maybe pick up some tips for my own short-term forays into cultures different than my own. I ended up with a better understanding of reaching out to others, even in my own backyard.
The authors point out that we have a personal culture. Perhaps in our highly individualized society that is more pronounced than in other places, but, in particular, as I took the inventory and charted my personal culture in relation to the 12 factors on the survey, I gained a better understanding of the dynamic of my relationships here in my own culture.
I appreciated the authors linking their observations and lessons to Jesus incarnation. He is the only one who ever became 100% other. He is the 200% person--fully God and completely human. The book encourages a more modest goal for the reader--150%. I am who I am. I need to work to enter more fully into the culture of others, whether I am accomodating myself to a neighbor, or fitting in as a guest in another land.
I encourage others who are interested in better communication and ministry to read the book.

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