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Monday, July 21, 2008

Passing it on:

Last week, as TEENWEEK was winding down, I had what could be a once in a lifetime experience.
All of "my guys" were in town. These are guys whom it has been my privilege to mentor, who are serving the Lord in significant ways.
A friend of mine took a picture of all of us at lunch. As soon as he sends me the photo, I'll post it. But here is the roster:
  • Doug Williams is a missionary to the Awa in Ecuador. He is currently serving as Associate Pastor/Missionary in Residence at CBC. He is currently involved in translating the Old Testament into Awapit.
  • Fred Stromberg is on furlough from Honduras. He is involved in church-planting in Ocotepeque.
  • Pink Davis is just about ready to leave for New Zealand (If you are looking for a missionary to support, he is your man.)
  • Daniel Cook is Assistant Pastor at a church in Easton PA.
  • Chris Merrell, a former youth pastor, is seeking direction having been recently forced to leave the country where he had been seeking to be involved in a church planting movement.

What an encouraging lunch. We chatted, we ate, we shared our hearts.

Thanks guys. Let's keep the ball rolling.

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