Me with my lovely wife, Kathy:

Friday, August 11, 2017

Kathy and I have the privilege of living on the beautiful island of Guam and serving at Pacific Islands University. Our presence here, "Where America's Day Begins" has placed in the middle of an international story. We really hadn't even thought about Kim Jong Un's threats until we received word from the director of our mission, recommending some simple actions that we should take. As far as our activities, and from what I can observe for the rest of the Guamanians, Kim Jong Un's threats have little, if any, impact on life for 160,000 or so folk who call Guam home. To use a saying that doesn't quite fit, "This ain't our first rodeo."
Recently Kathy and I watched most of the Liberation Day parade, here. Signs of Guam's history as a place that was conquered and then liberated in World War 2 are all over the island. Guam didn't become known as the "Tip of the Spear," as a result of North Korea's recent saber-rattling. The Air Force and Navy have maintained bases and sizable forces here for decades. Guam also has a large National Guard presence. A pastor friend of mine is an old B-52 pilot. He doesn't look worried.
I believe in God's providence. I'm here in this place at this time, for a reason. Perhaps one reason is to encourage prayer. I did that recently in a mailing that I send out from time to time. I'm glad people have been interested in the piece. I am copying a link to the piece below in the hope that its presence here will motivate more people to pray.

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