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Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Challenge We Need to Take:

I became acquainted with Roger Olson--in an online way--through two avenues.  A good friend of mine spoke of his writing as being helpful, and I read Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism, a book to which Olson was a contributor.  He and I disagree on some matters, but as I read his blog, I find that he often helps me to think more clearly.  Even when I disagree with him, I find what he says to be fair and clear.
In his 9/11/2015 post, "Is the “Prosperity Gospel” a Variety of Evangelicalism?" Olson asks an important question.
Some of you know from other posts on this blog, and other comments that I have made, that I have an ongoing struggle concerning what to call myself (here, here, here, here, and here).  I think the old title of "Fundamentalism," has for all practical purposes been abused to the point that it no longer serves any useful purpose.  Though on some days I would say, "Not quite."  Olson is trying to preserve some worthwhile meaning for another abused title, "Evangelical."
Referring to Olson's post, linked above, I posted on my Facebook page today:

Especially when you consider Olson's background (he refers to it in the piece) this is powerful. In the post he urges "all evangelical leaders, influencers, to take a strong public stand against this alternative gospel and reject it as non-evangelical. It is, in my opinion, cultic in the theological sense. That the media are beginning to treat Word-Faith promoters of the “gospel” of health and wealth through magic as evangelicals is scandalous. The movers and shakers of evangelical Christianity in America and everywhere need to band together in spite of our differences and say to the media “They are not us; stop calling them ‘evangelicals’.”My moving and shaking is pretty limited, but I raise my hand to join Roger's club.   
I hope that some true "movers and shakers" will rise to Olson's challenge.
In particular I hope that some of my Charismatic brethren will respond.

Whether you are a Christian leader of large influence who happened upon this blog, or just another small fish, like me, in the big pond of Evangelicalism, I invite you to help keep our pond clean.  Let's make known that these name-it-and-claim-it folk are not evangelicals.  They are part of the Jannes and Jambres magician guild.

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