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Friday, September 20, 2013

I just returned from an interesting couple of days.  Pastor Doug and I attended the meeting of the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, held at Baptist Bible Seminary.  The particular topic of discussion this year was "Has Cessationism Ceased?"  I'm sure those titles make little sense to most of my readers.  I would say most of you will still have many questions even after you look at the CDH website.  Probably high on the list of questions is, "Why would you go there?"  The question has already been asked.  Here is the basic answer:
Doug noticed the event online.  He was interested--though, I don't think he knew exactly what we were getting into--in attending.  It was free.  It offered the opportunity to say hi to some old friends, and gave Doug and I an opportunity to spend time together, so I said, "Sign us up."  Careful analysis, huh?  The answer to the obvious follow-up question is, "I'm glad we went."  I'll share why over the course of several posts.

First, a non-academic report:

David and Luann Sverduk, part of the CBC extended family live thirty-six minutes away from BBS.  They graciously allowed us to stay, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, at their lovely home in lake Ariel PA.  Yes, there are Buffalo.  It was great to catch up with them.  They are well, and busy, and their kids are all on their own and doing well.

  • Their youngest, Victoria,, is finishing up her work at a veterinary school in St. Kitts.  She will soon move to Blacksburg where she will complete her preparation for veterinary medicine.  
  • Ginger and her family live near David and Luann.  We were able to see them briefly.  Lovely family.
  • We were also able to see Tupper.  He lives and farms near York, PA. 
  • Lee and his family live in Delaware.
One of the members of  the Council is Dr. Rodney Decker.  I attended school and church with Rodney while at Baptist Bible.  It was good to see Rod.  Please pray for him.  He is battling cancer.

Stay tuned for a non-academic's look at what goes on at a gathering of PhDs.  

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