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Friday, September 27, 2013

Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, #5, & last:

My life is going to be filled with family responsibilities any time now, so I need to finish this flurry of blogging activity brought on my by recent attendance at the annual meeting of the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics.

So I'll just give a couple of bullet points.  Before I do, though, I would encourage the reading of the presenters' papers.  Most are thought provoking and contribute to a conversation that needs to be ongoing.

  • One paper that intrigued me is one I can point you to, now (You have to wait for the others to be revised and posted).  Dr. Rodney Decker posted his paper on the ending of Mark at his blog,  Rod did his doctoral work on the Gospel of Mark and has just written a two volume handbook on Mark,, so he is thoroughly familiar with this Gospel.
    The paper takes the conclusion that most of us have, that the long ending of Mark is not canonical, but then goes on to ask a question, or two.  What does this writing from some early Second Century author tell us about signs and miracles?  Or at least how some (presumably this guy was not isolated) did.
    Even for those of us who have to jump over some of the more technical stuff it is a good read.
  • It appears to me that there is a great need for clearer definitions in this discussion.
    It is obvious that when talk about cessationism we don't necessarily agree on what has, or has not ceased.
    I thought I knew what Spiritual gifts are.  Now, I'm not so sure, and I am sure that when we talk about them that not everyone brings the same definition to the table.
  • I need to read Grudem's book.  He was by far the most talked about absent person at the conference.  If anyone wants to show gratitude for my exceptionally perceptive reporting in this blog, by giving me a copy, it would be a clear sign of gratitude.  I would even wonder at it.
  • Thanks to those who labored to put this conference on.  Thanks for allowing we observers to observe.

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