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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Team MERRELL, Bible Run Around the Island:

Many of you know that I am involved with Pacific Islands University, a small Christian College on Guam, serving the People of Micronesia and beyond. We are doing a fund-raiser, prayer encourager, awareness-raising event on January 5. I wo
n't be there for the Bible Run. (it is a pretty good trip.) But I will be participating as an off-islander. I'll get my mile(s) in with family in Texas. We'll be praying for the ministry of PIU. I'm encouraging friends to join Team-MERRELL. You can go to the sites below, or get in touch with me. If you join Team-MERRELL you will receive a commemorative email, which you will cherish until your hard-drive crashes. :)
Make a donation to the School in any amount. You can do so online here:
Message me and let me know you are a part of Team-MERRELL. I'll post a picture of my participation.

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