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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Comment on "Metro-Evangelicals"

A friend pointed me to an article about the emphasis in Evangelicalism on urban ministry.  The article, at least in part, explores what some see as a put-down of ministry in small places, like Covington VA, where I have invested my life.  But, you red for yourself:
As a guy who has spent his life ministering in a small, getting smaller, city, and sparsely populated county, it would be easy to jump on this.  I resist.  I see the rational for Urban ministry as kind of like the old bank-robber's line:  "Why do you rob banks?" " . . . minister in the cities?"  "That's where the money/people is/are."  Since there are buildings in major cities that contain more people than my city, and since guys like you, Bart, tend to move away from places like Covington, to places like Washington, all other things being equal.  Pastors like Keller are going to have greater influence than pastors like Merrell.  I'm content to influence a creek.  That water flows into major streams.
Strong influential ministries like Redeemer Church add something to the Evangelical culture that helps folk like me.  We have used Keller's books for studies here.  Keller has opportunities in NY that he didn't have in Culpepper, VA.  I'm glad.  From my perspective, he (I don't know much about Driscoll.) has used those opportunities in ways that have helped those of us in smaller places.  I'm thankful.  When I think of it, I pray for Tim Keller & his ministry.
Bottom line:  I assume that those who choose to minister in the big cities choose to do so for the same reason I have invested my life in a small place.  I think this is where God wants me.  I think there are people here who need what I have, by the grace of God, to offer.

Note some of the comments.  The headline writer is guilty of being too cute.

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