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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some thoughts on the current marriage controversy:

I'll get back to that third thing that I've been thinking about, but for now, here is something else that a bunch of us have been thinking about.
Steve Cornell is a good thinker.  He comes from a solid conservative Evangelical mindset.
In this article,, he raises some questions that have been stewing in my mind.
Like many of you, for me, these questions are not merely theoretical.  I love people who have chosen the gay lifestyle (I say that carefully, knowing that they would likely reject that description.  I mean no disrespect.), so I am not only trying to be Biblically correct, but properly compassionate, as well.

Here, in outline form, are some of the things that have been ruminating in my mind, some of which Steve speaks to.  I would appreciate your thoughts.

  1. In this as in other areas we cannot expect the government to do our work for us.  Or to put it another way, not everything that we regard as immoral ought to be illegal.
  2. Having said that, there are totally secular reasons to regulate issues related to family and marriage.  Balance . . . 
  3. We have to, have to, have to realize that the public in general does not keep track of who is who in the Christian--especially Evangelical--realm.  When I say, with a very calm and reasonable manner, "I have some concerns about homosexual marriage."  many of those who hear me speak equate me with the likes of Fred Phelps.  This is one of the areas where I need to remember that I have a responsibility, and privilege to reach out to all kinds of people.  The primary function of the church is the preach the Gospel not lobby for legislation.
  4. It is important to proclaim the truth.  I need to make sure, though, in the words of Micah that I not only "do justly," but, also, "love mercy."  (6:8)
It is something we need to think carefully about.

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Chris Chesley said...

I appreciate and agree with your comments on this. What I appreciate most, is that what you shared is not original with you or limited to a personal bias you may have. It is simply the pattern of thought and interaction which God mercifully laid out for us in His word. Thankfully the way He did that was clear and to the point. Thanks for reminding us of that clarity.