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Saturday, May 22, 2010

There are still ladies who desperately need to touch His garment.

We are working our way through the Gospel of Mark on Sunday Mornings at CBC, so a few months ago, when I saw this article, I made a note of it. Tomorrow I'm dealing with the passage of Scripture that contains the account of the woman afflicted with a hemorrhage for 12 years, Mark 5:25-34--the lady referenced in the article's title.
We too easily divorce ourselves from the world of Scripture. "That was then; this is now." we too eagerly say. This article brought me up short. Not only does it talk about a group of ladies who are dealing with a horrendous disability--often totally unnecessarily--but it helped me realize in a new way that people haven't really changed all that much in the past two millennia. When it comes to needing the Lord, they haven't changed at all.
Jesus and the Unclean Woman

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