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Friday, March 19, 2010

Sausage, Laws, A Dead-Horse, and US:

One of my Father-in-law's favorite jokes had to do with a man who decided to market rabbit-meat by grinding the little critters up into sausage. It turned out, though, that it takes a lot of bunnies to make a batch of sausage so the entrepreneur came up with a solution. He'd simply mix in a little non-rabbit meat. He had no trouble getting horse-meat in large quantities so he began a little. No one seemed to notice, so he added a little more, and so on.
One day a suspicious consumer asked him about the mix. He assured the consumer that his sausage was 90% rabbit--Nine rabbits to one horse.
Lately the news has been full of references to sausage-making. The references, or course, are to law-making,
not meat-packing. A lot of us smell some equine in our hare.
Instead of just griping about the "mess in Washington," perhaps it would be profitable to do some self-examination. Is my speech marked by integrity, or am I trying to hide a dead horse?

It's STTA.

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