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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They are wacko, nut-jobs. Just because they quote the Bible, that does not make them Christian!

I heard a snatch of this on the news, while I was doing something else, so I didn't get it all, then a colleague sent me this link about the Hutaree. A so called "Christian" militia group in the Midwest. The members of this group are arming for a battle that they claim is predicted in scripture. According to the article linked above, the Hutaree
planned to "levy war" against the U.S. government. To incite such a war, the group planned to murder law enforcement officials and then follow up their initial attacks with a separate attack on the fallen officers' funeral(s), where a large number of law enforcement personnel would no doubt be gathered.

When I looked at the Hutaree website I didn't see that plan, but I can't say.

A couple things concern me--maybe alarm me:

First, these folk appear to be serious nut-jobs. We can't totally ignore the websites and rhetoric of groups like this.

Second,the story about a member fleeing from the FBI, crawling through a creek and then traveling by car, checking in on the Internet at WIFI spots, reminded me of some friends from my youth who were caught up in a similar cultic organization. The sad thing is the communist takeover that my friends felt was sure to come and that caused them to run and hide, never did come. Sadly, their life has decimated by other problems. Could these real problems have been avoided or dealt with had my friends not used up so much time and effort fighting--or preparing to fight--a menace that never materialized?

Third, some elements of the media seem to be implying that this is normal behavior for Christians, or at least those dreaded right-wing evangelicals. The article referenced above contains this:
With other news of vandalism and harassment from right-wing activists angry about the passage of health care reform, some commentators are already depicting the arrests as a further sign of how conservative activists are promoting violence in their ranks.

Fourth: When we as Bible believing Christians use language that is needlessly inflammatory, and when we fail to condemn groups like Hutaree we give credence to the view that puts Millions of Americans who will worship the Lord this Easter morning on the same plain the camo-wearing, gun-toting radicals who were just arrested.

The Huteree has an unbiblical eschatology, they hold to the idea that if God says He is going to do something that He needs people to help Him along, and they completely miss what the Bible says about being a good citizen (Romans 13, for instance).
I don't know who they are, but I know what the Huteree is not--Christian.

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