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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Thoughts on New Year & The Old One:

Kathy and I were able to visit with both our sons and their families over the holidays. We attended church with Chad, Tanisha, Christopher, Carrington, Madeline, and Kendal on the last day of last year. Chad wrote following after processing the introduction to his pastor's message. Amen! to Pastor John & Chad:


I hear so many people saying "good riddance" or "thank God that year is over" about 2009. As our pastor pointed out last week...."God was still on the throne during 2009" and "will be still in 2010." I have been thinking on this alot this week. While God is not a vindictive God and does not hurt his people, and does not deal in vindictive punishment, He does however allow us the consequences of our decisions, our actions. He is sovereign, fully in charge and fully at rule, and nothing caught him off guard in 2009 or any other time. In his Omnipotence He knows what we need, and what needs to happen. In his Sovereignty he interjects where He knows he should, and allows things to happen so that we will eventually have the chance to make the decision of coming to the end of ourselves, and turning to Him. I am thankful for the good and the bad from 2009. The good that blessed me, and the bad that blessed me in "pruning me" for new growth, and turning me toward the Sovereign Father!

I pray that 2010 will bring more growth, in me and in my family. and that I will more than any other year be able to lead my family closer to HIM.

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