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Monday, September 28, 2009

A Video About God's Plan, & a Couple of Other Web Resources:

I recently, presented a message about the mess our world in. It was the first message in a three-part series on the Good News. The cause of the mess, both out there in the world, and in here--our hearts--is the same, sin. The remedy is likewise the same. Romans 8 shows all creation waiting for the redemption of God's people to be completed. As we are transformed so is the world.

I also had the privilege to share a through the Bible session with Coffee Break, The ladies ministry that my wife helps to lead.

Since I have been thinking of the global impact of sin, and the broad stroke view of God's work, the video below hit a responsive chord with me. Anytime you can get from Genesis to Revelation in less than 7 minutes it is worth the trip. Thanks to Shawn Thornton for posting the video on his blog:

Here is another resource. At first I thought this one was pretty off the wall. I mean, who uses a $20,000 prize to encourage folk to learn the Bible? But after I looked at it I found it to be a pretty good presentation of the Ten Commandments. It is a cyber opportunity to take the hand of the Law and be led to Christ.

Finally, Evantell has provided some online training in evangelism. There is a mix of video, exercises and text. There are some specialized programs for youngsters, parents, etc. You will likely find one that meets your needs. If you like, you can print workbooks, as well. They do ask you to register. I did, and they haven't bugged with emails, etc.

ACT 111, one gospel. one person. one day.

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