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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Vick apparently has another advisor:

Interesting connections abound, in this life.
Though I'm not sure if he has been reading, I've been offering advice to former--and probably future--NFL quarterback Michael in this column. At the same time that I was advising Vick, I've been receiving advice from another football great, Tony Dungy. We are going to be using Tony Dungy's book, Quiet Strength, as the guide for our study in our Men's Prayer Breakfast series this year. I hear that Michael and Tony have been getting together. I say "Amen!" to that.

About the same time that I got news that these two football stars were hanging out together I was reminded of the importance of reaching out to those who are hurting, who have been hurt. and even those who have hurt others, if they are willing to repent.

Michael, I have been impressed with Dungy's dedication to the Lord, his desire to right the thing, and his commitment to service. I encourage you to hang with the man.

Tony, thanks.
When we invest in others we are doing the Lord's work. BTW, if you are going to be in the neighborhood in the next several months, let me know. I'd love for you to have breakfast with my guys. Bring Michael along. He used to play ball just down the road at Blacksburg. We'll have some good biscuits and gravy, and a great time in the Lord.

Our first Men's Prayer Breakfast is September 12, at 8:00.

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