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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Does He still have value?

As is often the case, AOL is following and exploiting the popular media. This time it was about someone I've been looking at through my keyhole. There is a nice, in a football sort of way, picture of Michael Vick. Next to it there is a question: "Does Quarterback still have value?" Let me cut to the chase, "Yes, yes he does!" And it has nothing to do with whether Vick can still pass and run, and elude defenses.
OK, in AOL's defense, I need to let you know that if you click on the link it opens up an article about Fantasy Football; the question has to do with whether or not Vick will be a good pick for a fantasy team. In a way though, I still find it subtly disturbing. People playing a pretend version of a game deciding whether a pretend version of a real person has worth, and doing it based on a rather narrow set of criteria in real life. That's cold.
All of us, talented athletes, and those who only passed Phys. Ed. because the only way to flunk was not to dress-out, need to understand that our worth does come from our performance. I am worthy because God says I am. I'm created in His image and He loves me and that gives my life worth.
I've been reading Tony Dungy's book, Quiet Strength. That lesson of where ones worth comes from is a question with which he struggled. And the answer he came to was "Not football." It is not the answer for you, either, Mike, and for me it has nothing to do with how well I preach.
I'm not saying we shouldn't do what we do well. We just need to understand that that isn't the source of our worth.

By the Way: I'm still expecting--though I am wondering because it is taking so long--that invitation for a beer at the White House. I understand that Joe Biden drank a non-alcoholic beer substitute, at the recent beer-lubricated public-relations meeting. I guess that is a possibility, but to be honest why would I want to drink something that I don't like, just because it is a substitute for something else that I don't like either? Would the President be offended if I asked for Diet Dr. Pepper, or a cup of coffee?

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