Me with my lovely wife, Kathy:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Two kinds of progress: one quick & the other slow:

Kathy is doing OK.
The folk here at Good Samaritan Hosp., in Lebanon PA, have been very good to us. I think Kathy is improving, though not yet to the point that she feels it. She is still nothing by mouth. She enjoys her few ice-chips. She is quite sore. Getting up to go to the restroom is quite a chore. She walked 2x today out in the hall.
She is still on antibiotic and painkiller in her IV.
No word on when she gets out, yet.

Thanks to all for the calls, emails, flowers, etc. She hasn't been up to talking on the phone, yet.

On the other progress:
I hear that the folk back home are making great progress on the Worship-Center remodel. I look forward to being there Sunday. Hope to see you.

My experience this last weekend, as well as the reports of Farrah Fawcet, Billy Mays, and Michael Jackson's deaths have reminded me how uncertain life is. Live for Jesus!

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