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Monday, June 15, 2009

Remodelling Project:

I thought I would use this blog space to let you know about a remodeling project our church has undertaken.
Our Worship-Center was built in 1981. We really hadn't done much to it since. We decided several months ago to undertake a remodeling project. We want the environment in which we worship our great God to be as warm and welcoming as the hearts of the people who gather there, so we undertook, what is really a fairly modest project, but one that wil give an entirely new look to our surroundings. When it is done it will include:
  • A new ceiling,
  • New seating,
  • New lighting,
  • New floorcoverings,
  • A refurbished foyer
  • New paint and other decor.

A contractor had intalled new floor in our foyer a few weeks ago, and our new chairs for the Worship-Center have been on site for several weeks.

This weeks some of our church family and even some guests from the Appalachian Bible College Summer team, got started on the big part of the project in a big way.

I'll post some pictures in the morning when I get to my computer, but for now, let me simply say that we are ahead of where I thought I would be. Way to go gals and guys.

Just remember, after we remodel it--or really while we do the work--we need to work on filling it.

See you Sunday. We won't be finished, but we'll be cleaned up & ready.

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