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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pictures of the CBC Remodeling project and some thoughts:

I wasn't around when most of the activity in these pictures was going on. I am impressed with the result!

At the left you see the Gospel Heralds, from Appalachian Bible College. They shared a concert last Sunday night. Note the drawings on the wall behind them. A crew showed up to remove the paneling from the front wall just before the concert.
The GH members took the opportunity to create an artistic background.

Note the congregation is sitting in the pews.

Here you can see the pews that were dismantled after the Gospel Herald's Concert on Sunday Night . They are now (Tuesday) on their way to Michigan. The GH artwork, as well as the sheetrock that was below the paneling is now gone. You'll see where in a moment.

Monday night the ceiling came down. As I type, some teens are upstairs pulling the nails that remained in the trusses.

The boards on the tables in the Activity Center will soon be part of the new ceiling. Stacked on the left you can see the new chairs that will be the new seating in the Worship-Center.

Here is the old ceiling, or part of it.

We won't be finished Sunday, but we'll be meeting in the Worship Center. The AC and sound system are fine. I am told that the carpet will be up, so we'll be on plywood. There should be some new Sheetrock to replace some of what we pulled down.

We want the place in which we worship to be of praise to our Great God, and to give forth the same warmth and welcome that exists in our hearts. Join us

Join us Sunday and stay for a picnic in honor of Dads.

Just a couple of thoughts:

  • The paneling and sheetrock that came down. I helped put up, almost 30 years ago. I'm reminded that all things down here are temporary. My prayer is that we at CBC will be doing that which truely lasts.

  • A friend of mine reminds me, regularly, that excellence reflects the nature of our Lord. We ought to offer God our best.

  • I am at an age at which most of those I desire to reach for the Lord are younger than me. I want our surroundings to be open and welcome to younger folk. I know that what is in our hearts is what matters. I would like to think that what we are doing in our Worship-Center (and other parts of our building) is a reflection of our heart. We are updating the delivery vehicle.

  • Things have a way of sneaking up on us. We talked about--and in a right sense argued about this project. It was "gonna happen, gonna happen, gonna happen," then wham it is here.

  • I'm already looking forward to the end.


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