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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Couple More Pictures of the Remodeling Project:

We are using the picnic shelter together with our party tent as an area for finishing the tongue & groove, pine boards that are making up the new ceiling in the Worship-Center

Here are couple of our CBC ladies working on the finishing project.

We have been doing two batches a day. The boards get finished with a coat of tung oil and begin drying under the picnic shelter & tent. They get transferred to the Activity-Center to finish drying, from there on to the ceiling.
It is amazing how deceptive a photo can be. You might look at this one and think we are done. No, far from it, but we have a good start. Really, just a few boards have been put up. But I think they look nice.
I have always like the look of natural wood. It is God's artistry on display.

You can see the real product on Sunday.

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