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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More than an academic exercise, it was a Divine encounter:

I apologize, I didn't bring my camera. Some other folk took pictures. If they send me one, I'll post it.
Kathy and I were privileged to attend the Senior Recital of Parker Jones and Nathan Brown. These guys are graduating from Liberty University's Worship Leader program in just a few weeks.
Parker grew up in Covington Bible Church. His folks are much loved colleagues of mine in the ministry here. He did a great job last night.
I may miss someone here, but it was also great to see some other friends at the recital. In addition to Parker's family there were, Donna Bragg, Jeana Lee, and Nathan and Kristan Brown. Afterwards we saw Bill Morse, who joined us for a late supper/snack.
I guess what impressed me most was that through part of the program these guys were not merely performing the songs they had worked hard to learn, they were leading me in worship. I'll not get too deep here, but my soul has been rubbed kind of raw lately, and I crave something from God--time in the awareness that I am in His presence, and assurance of His love, mercy, and steadfastness. I was nourished by the guys' ministry. I hope God was pleased with my worship as they led me before Him.
Thanks guys.

Be watching. If we can match up a date, we'll have Parker here to lead us in a service of praise to our Great God.

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