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Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Sunday at CBC:

You can get a glimpse of my remodeled study in the some of the pictures. Though I enjoy my study very much, that isn't why I put the pictures in.

On Easter Sunday morning, Ed Poage, Lori and Jim Taylor, and the CBC Junior High Sunday School Class filled helium balloons and tied strings and little tags on them. It had been a while since we did this. A decade or more ago I read about a church that made a great celebration out of their Easter Service, culminating it with the release of balloons. It sounded like fun, so we did it. Did it a couple of times, but then figured out that it is also a lot of trouble, so we hadn't done it for a while.

A couple of the folk on our music committee remembered the little exercise, and thought it would be nice this year. Easter was late. It showed promise of being a lovely day--it was, and . . .

I don't make any big spiritual claims for the event. Mostly it is just fun for kids--little ones, and big ones like me. There is some symbolism one can attach to the balloons floating up--though some of that was ruined by the large number that caught in a nearby tree. (Looked like a giant "Easter-egg tree.)--but I don't try to make too much of the symbolism.
Anyhow, balloons or no balloons, Easter was a great day at CBC. One of the joys for me was hearing Debbie Alt Harvey sing.

Debbie was one of my wife's students, longer ago than either of them would want me to mention. Debbie has used here musical ability over the years in service to the Lord.

Her music combined with that of Kelley Calhoun and our our congregation, led by Daryl Shreeve and Stephanie Hinkle, was just great. It may be better in heaven, but not much.

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