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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Through the Bible in 2009, and a comment:

Just a quickie:

I'm behind on my reading, but making good progress and enjoying it none-the-less.
I just finished Exodus 20. I think the last time I posted was back in Genesis.
I was encouraged with the story of God's soveriegnty in Joseph's life.
The people in the wilderness were like a bunch of kids griping and whining. Yet God continued gracious.
What majestic words, those 10 Commandments.

Because of the situation of some loved-ones, I'm impressed with life's brevity and fraility.
Help me to stay close to You Lord.

I liked Franklin Graham's comment about Rick Warren praying at the inaugural next week. "If you don't want somebody praying in Jesus Name, don't ask an Evangelical to pray." : )

Live for Jesus!

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