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Monday, January 5, 2009

Through the Bible in 2009, #3, Genesis 13-27

I haven't done my reading for today yet, but thought I would put up a post about my progress.

This section of scripture is marked by God's promise.

Introduced at the beginning of 12.

Threatened by Lot and then Sarah's childlessness. Abrham and Sarah foolishly try to take over for God. The result is Hagar and Ishmael.

It is no wonder when the boy was born to 90 year-old Sarah and Abraham at 100 that they named him Isaac, "Laughter."

I marvel at Abraham's faith, Isaac's--by now a big teen--compliance, and God's provision in Chapter 22.

Isaac becomes the center of the story. I was reminded of heritage, as I see him repeat his dad's sin in chap. 26. Likewise chap. 25 & 27 give much information for dealing with family woes.

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