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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Through the Bible 2009 #1

As the New Year came in last night I was getting started on my Bible reading for the year.

It is amazing how much of life there is in the first 6 chapters of Genesis.

I am only a few hundred or thousand generations removed from the creative hand of God that fashioned Adam and Eve. The breath that He breathed into them still animates me and makes me a living soul. Psalm 139 makes clear that God is involved in the formation of each of us.

I'll leave the debate-speculation-argument-philosophizing about the entrance of sin for another time--a time when I can talk & don't have to type--hopefully a time when I can listen to someone wiser than me, : ) For now, I am reminded that the sin of Adam infect all my race. It affects me. Dare I say it? I even see that Adamic heritage in my grandchildren. Here on vacation I read some hometown news: high wind damage, fiery car crash. My typing was interrupted by a phone conversation about the health problems of a loved one. We don't live in Eden any more.

It is a wonder that God puts up with us. That's where I ended, at the end of chapter 6.

From the beginning God's book is a journal that deals with us the way we are, as who we are. I hope you will get involved with the book, as well.

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