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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They done good. Amen:

I have attempted to join the voices of fellow Christian leaders who have emphasized the Biblical mandate to pray for our new president. I am pleased that several of my colleagues are leading us in this regard. Often at a church service or other public event someone will be called on to lead in prayer. Just reading a prayer, or listening to one, is not praying. If I allow the words of another to lead me in praying from my own heart then I am praying. Though it is often maligned as a practice of back-woods Fundamentalists or Pentacostal enthusiasts, the practice of saying, "Amen!" when another is leading in prayer is something we ought to think about--in more ways than one.
Granted, often, words like "Amen," "Praise the Lord," or "Right on," are just rhythmic responses to a prayer or message, not unlike a drum-beat. If thoughtfully spoken, however, these words can express this prayer from the heart of the one who is being led in prayer. Amen is a word of agreement--it is like saying to the Lord, "Lord you heard what that lady just prayed. I am praying that too. That's two of us on that one, Lord." It doesn't necessarily need to be done out loud, we, the led, need to be mentally and spiritually active when others are leading us in prayer.

Here are three of my fellow servants of our great God who are leading us in prayer. I encourage you to let them lead you. And, I added a brief prayer of my own.

Lord, bless our new president with wisdom and courage. May he lead us in the right way. May those of us who proclaim Your word speak with such clarity, power, and compassion, that the word will reach His ears. As he reads Your word, Lord, and hears the truth coming from voices that truly honor You, may President Obama respond with obedience.
Protect his family.
Keep our nation great.
In Jesus name,


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