Me with my lovely wife, Kathy:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pictures and report from Texas:

We are enjoying the warm weather Texas weather with Silas & Kira. Here we are at one of the local parks.

This one needs no introduction. The statue is at a restaurant where we ate.

Before we left for Texas Chad and his family visited with us in Covington.

Madeline, Carrington, and Kendal, with help from Chad's wife, Tanisha, made a gingerbread house.

I don't want to hurt the girls' feelings, but it looks better than it tasted.

: )

I took this picture for a friend of mine.

: )

Mom used to live, a stones throw from
the Crocket farm in Tennessee.

Here she is with Kathy and me, and mom's granddaughter Leslie at the Alamo.

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