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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

My New Year is off to a great start. I'm visiting with 2 of my lovely grandkids.

Maybe I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

I have encouraged you folk who are part of the CBC family, and anyone else who will listen, to read through the Bible this year. I shared with the folk at CBC last Sunday that it only takes about 71 hours to read through the Bible at a "pulpit rate." ( So in less than 20 minutes a day most folk can read through the Bible in 2009.

My plan is to read the Bible through 2x. For the first time through, I'm simply planning to read at least 6 chapters a day. Whenever possible I'll round that up so that I'm reading a whole book at one sitting. I'm simply going to read the books in the order that they are laid out in our English Bibles. I want to be reminded of the purpose and general flow of each book of the Bible.

I have put links to some other reading plans on our church's website, You may find them helpful.

I plan to, at least from time to time, give a progress report on my Bible journey. I welcome your interaction.

For many of you this is a day off. Whether you are working, at home with family, and/or visiting with family and friends I hope you have a great day.

Live for Jesus,

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