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Saturday, September 20, 2008

I find it amazing both that news travels so fast in our inter-connected world, and that news can remain relatively hidden for so long. I was surprised in the later way concerning the intense persecution of Christians in India.
Chuck Colson has a commentary on Hindu fanatics uprising against Christians in Orissa India,, and the Southern Baptist News Service has a report,

We Westerners ae not immune to this kind of sectarian violence. It can begin with just regular folk sticking up for their rights, forgetting the impact their action may have on others. I recently wrote about just such an incident that took place in the US.

Clearly the United States has a problem with immigration. We dare not forget, however, that the "problem" consists of men, women, and children--many of whom only want what we have. I have been privileged to visit some other nations of the world, and I can tell you that for many a job in the US and the level of prosperity it brings is a dream they long for. Some desire it so much that they are prepared to break the law, and risk their lives to bring it to reality.Politicians jockey for position to appear as the candidate who will solve the problem. Unfortunately, it seems that many pols are more interested in voter-approval ratings than in actual solutions.At a recent raid at a plant in Mississippi 600 illegal immigrant employees were arrested. As they were being led away, dozens of other workers lined up to clap and cheer. Having grown up in the home of a blue-collar worker I understand the sentiment, and I also feel a need to rebuke it. To want the law to be enforced is one thing, to rejoice at the calamity of others who are trying to achieve the dream that many of us take for granted is another.Justice? Yes, but tempered with compassion.
It's Something to Think About.

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