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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wasting time:

The future, in about an hour, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Morse:

I'm sitting in the Worship Center of South New Millford Baptist Church, just off of I 81 in PA, just south of the NY line. Over 35 years ago I went to school just down the road at Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit PA.

I'm in the back of the room--hopefully, not wasting time--trying to occupy until the wedding comes. The bride and groom are following a practice that I always recommend, but that couples seldom do. They are getting their pictures taken before the wedding. So it is possible that some of you will see pictures--even on the other side of the world--of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Morse before they are married. They assured me that they would follow-through.

(Speaking of weddings, my son, Chad, is engaged to Tanisha Lehman. Watch for further word, but an early fall wedding is being planned. Here is a picture of Chad's proposal. He surprised her at a meeting that her boss called. How's that for a fringe benefit?)

While I'm here trying to use my time well, I've been thinking about the almost 35 years that I have used at Covington Bible Church. When I tell people that I have been in one church for almost 35 years they almost always go into their "That's wonderful!" routine. Not necessarily. As I frequently respond, "Complacency looks an awfully lot like faithfulness."
Have I wasted my time.?
I'm not after an answer from you. The only one that matters is the "Well done . . . " from my Lord, or the lack thereof. I write, hopefully, to provoke some thought on your part. Even if I am wasting my time, perhaps my failure can serve to keep you from squandering this most precious of commodities.

Watching the couple before me has reminded of how time ought to be spent. Linda and Tim, Jacob's parents, were newly-weds when they first came to Covington Bible. Jacob was about 8 when he came to their home, as the result of a horrendous tragedy. Jake and Crystal plan to spend their lives serving the Lord. While occupying here, I received an instant message from my son who is serving the Lord on the other side of the earth. Time is to be invested in people.

Speaking of which, people are arriving for the wedding so I need to end this.

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