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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What we have in common:

My friend, Happiness Lodge, is challenging the people of Micronesia (Happiness is Chuukese) to lay aside their ethnic differences and work together to reach the world for Jesus.
There are legitimate divisions in the church. they are legitimate in that those on the right side of the divide cannot just ignore the difference without being unfaithful to God's word. Erwin Lutzer does a good job of covering this concept in his book, Doctrines that Divide. However, we are often divided by that which doesn't matter.
I encourage you to read Happiness's thoughts on his blog,
Below is my comment on his challenge:
Happiness,The question you ask--challenge you issue--is one that goes far beyond Micronesia.In more general terms, I see your question this way:Are we willing to regard our "alikeness" in Christ to be more important than the differences--ethnic, cultural, national, economic--that come between us?I sincerely hope that this is taking place in Micronesia. I don't see it happening nearly enough here in the West. The tribalism of postmodernism, and marketing the church to various groups is tending to divide us. On a recent trip, I not only passed many church buildings where various groups meet--Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodists, etc., but also the "Cowboy Church." Churches are marked by, or known for, the kind of music they use, what translation they read, whether folk were suits or jeans, etc.In New-Testament assemblies there were Jews and Gentiles, slaves and masters, well-educated and illiterate. They regarded that which bound them together to be greater than the forces that divided them, and they "turned the world upside down."

When you read Happiness's blog you can see that he is the kind of young man who will make a difference for the Lord. He is graduating from Pacific Island Bible College in just a few weeks. PIBC is doing more with less than about any institution that I know. I would love to be the vehicle to provide some more funding to this highly significant ministry, and its hard-working frugal staff. If you would like to join me in helping this ministry turn out more grads like Happiness, write me at

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